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Founder Stephen DeGrazia
Life As a Songwriter
What Songwriters Have to Deal With
  • Songwriter Population
    As much as 70% of the songwriters have left places like New York and Nashville, where the cost of living is high and the chance to earn a livable wage without working other jobs is low.
  • The Time it Takes to Receive Money
    By the time PROs sort through money and metadata, songwriters see money some 9 months later.
  • Low Self Esteem
    A lot of songwriters are just grateful to be cut by an artists because the labels have the power and the artist has the looks when in fact the songwriter is the one who was able to process the emotions, tell the story and use their vocabulary.
  • Too Many Cooks
    Songwriters are the last to receive money in the music pie that includes artists, labels, promoters, and publishers to name a few, leaving them with well crumbs.
  • Desire to become an Artist
    Many songwriters start as topliners adding the hook and lyrics to a melody or existing idea. If songwriters were able to practice their singing, they would provide more texture to the song and open themselves up to play it live.
  • Fan Knowledge
    Many fans of music, especially in pop, country and hip-hop don't realize that the artist performing the song is not necessarily the writer of the song, devaluing the songwriter and inflating the artists' contribution.
  • Antiquated Copyright Laws
    In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt urgently called for the need to revise the current state of copyright laws. Unfortunately, copyright laws in this country have only been revised once since then.
  • Percent of Ticket Revenue
    Did you know that songwriters only receive up 3% of revenue from live performances.
  • Live Performance Tracking
    The onus is on the songwriter to submit setlists when their songs are played by artists who perform their song.
No Applause. just throw money.
Secure Wallets for Songwriters
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Meet Our Team
We all like music and are bringing our skill set to the industry to fix it.
  • Stephen
    Co-Founder & CSO

    Morgan Stanley Settlements and Wealth Management
    Sales @ VC backed Bonobos & Outdoor Voices
    Has attended over 1000 concerts
  • Bart
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Co-Founder @ TerraFarmin
    Launch House January '22 LA Cohort
    Techical Engineer @ Epic
  • Samantha
    Entertainment Partner @ Davis & Gilbert
    UCLA School of Law
    Focus on advertising, marketing and copyright law.
  • Beth
    Investor & Advisor
    Founder & CEO of MusicRow411
    Advisor Project Music
    Advisory Board for RootNote & TuneToken
  • George
    VP at BMI
    Built Online Song Registration system at BMI
    30 years in Payment Processing Space

  • Andrew
    Product Manager
    Ex-Kaiser Permanente
    Flatiron Software School
    Franklin & Marshall College
  • Jessie
    SangCash Intern
    Belmont University
    Music Business Major with Emphasis on Legal
    School of Rock & Grammy U
  • Zach
    SangCash Intern
    Belmont University
    Business Administration & Music Business
    Experience in Live and Production
  • Leo
    SangCash Intern
    University of Southern California
    Interested in Business Consulting and Modeling
  • Bridgett
    SangCash Intern
    Recording Industry Major
    Audio Production Minor
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