We want our songwriters to share in the success of our solution!

We get songwriters paid faster and more money.
Collection societies for music royalties (PROs) were created in the 1920s and 1930s. Unfortunately their technology and the laws that govern them have barely changed since.

SangCash is solving this 100-year-old problem and helping songwriters earn the living they deserve.

No Applause. Just Throw Money™.
We're not your Grandma's PRO.
"If we don't have songwriters, there's not going to be a music business."

- Garth Brooks
- The Last Songwriter Documentary Tells Us What Songwriters are up against.
Film featured at 2017 Nashville Film Festival - Mark Berger Elliott
Rod Stewart pens opinion piece in UK Times
Legendary Singer says musicians haven't been paid correctly since 1952.
Tired of Being Broke?
We know that it can up to 9 months for songwriters to be paid. We also know that those payments are usually small, random amounts with no explanation on your statements and not enough money to pay the bills.
That's cool that songwriters are on a playlist but are you getting paid for it?
We know creators and digital service providers love to highlight talent on playlists. The question is, are you getting paid when you are those playlists? SangCash delivers you to venues on a playlist and knows when and how to collect.
Laws are being passed but there's more to do.
We know progress has been made with the Songwriter Equity Act of 2006 and The Music Modernization Act of 2018 but we also know that there is much work to be done. Instead of just focusing on advocacy, we are solution oriented.
How It Works
Programmatic Ads
We place your music on ads and get you a completely new source of revenue.
In Venue Playlisting
Signing up with our In-Venue playlisting gets you plays for background music in venues which normally are not tracked correctly.
Money is paid directly to you
No more waiting 9 months to see small checks come through the door. We get you paid faster.

Meet Our Team
We all like music and are bringing our skill set to the industry to fix it.
Founder & CSO

Morgan Stanley Settlements and Wealth Management
Sales @ VC backed Bonobos & Outdoor Voices
Has attended over 1000 concerts
LaunchTN Summer 2022 Intern
Graduate of Liberty University
SangCash Content Creator
Entertainment Attorney @ Davis & Gilbert
UCLA School of Law
Focus on advertising, marketing and copyright law.
Advisor & COO
Built Online Song Registration system at BMI
30 years in Payment Processing Space

Social Media Manager
NSAI Songwriter
Graduate of Belmont University
Former SangCash Intern
Advisor & CMO
Founder & CEO of Launchpeer
Charleston 40 under 40
Host of Launch Chat Podcast for Founders
Investor & Advisor
Founder & CEO of MusicRow411
Advisor Project Music
Advisory Board for RootNote & TuneToken
Advisor & CDO
Chief Data Officer @ DeepPod
Launch House January '22 LA Cohort
Managing Director @ Social Outlier
Technical Project Manager
Co-Founder @ μPonics
Launch House January '22 LA Cohort
Techical Engineer @ Epic
Product Manager
Ex-Kaiser Permanente
Flatiron Software School
Franklin & Marshall College
Our appearances
SangCash has been a part of the following:
Consent Decrees. Royalty Rates. CRB. Now Web3. NFTs. Crypto.
The music industry was tough enough to understand before a whole other metaverse showed up.

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