Want to share in the success of SangCash?
Are you ready to be a part of the GREATEST recovery in live music history?
No more paying for expensive blanket licenses. We help you pay for what's actually played in your venue and give you the restart you need following the worst live music shutdown ever.
Manage and pay for licensing with ease.
Playlisting helps reduce your licensing costs and will allow you to move away from expensive and inefficient blanket licensing.
Why risk getting sued for copyright infringement?
We know the blanket license process does not provide the transparency you are looking for to make sure you are covered. We give you the protection you need while also finding the songwriters that play in your venue faster.
Attract the best talent to your venue.
Once songwriters are getting played on your loudspeakers and SangCash will be paying them faster, they'll be more likely to want to play in your venue.
We track songs with our app.
No more negotiating for an entire catalog for songs you don't use.
Easy Login Screen
We help you set up an account to manage all the live events at your venue.
Blockchain Technology
We are adopting Blockchain technology to our platform for more timely, accurate payments.
Secure Payment
We work with Stripe and our prompt screen allows for fast, secure payments.
Setlist Submission
Our platform allows for setlist submission and calculation of licensing fees due as well as when balances have been paid.
Our appearances
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