It's not the horse, it's the jockey.
As early startups begin to flush out product market fit, its the ability of the founders and not the initial company idea, because pedigree will eventually figure it out.
Stephen DeGrazia
Is the downside really the downside?
My background allows me to land a job in the event SangCash fails and fulfill the ISA agreement.
Backed by innovative Venture Capital fund Chisos, Inspirr has built an investment vehicle to back the founder, where you get the upside of the startup and the future earnings of the founder is your downside.
Value Add
Worked with and for VC backed startups.
Startups that I've been a part of
Whether it was getting wind of the roboadvisor movement after the crash of '08 or the DTC movement that followed, I have a knack for identifying strong founders and great startups. LearnVest was acquired by Northwester Mutual in 2014, Bonobos was acquired by Walmart in 2017 and Outdoor Voices was pulled under new management by NaHCo3.
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