It's time to fight back.
No Applause. Just Throw Money.
Our mission is to raise awareness for how necessary songwriters are to the music business ecosystem and to get them paid faster and with more transparency.
Want to know how much songwriters are struggling?
Watch the below.
Tired of Being Broke?
We know that it can up to 9 months for you to be paid. We also know that those payments are usually small, random amounts with no explanation on your statements and not enough money to pay the bills.
That's cool that you're on a playlist but are you getting paid for it?
We know creators and digital service providers love to highlight talent on playlists. The question is, are you getting paid when you are those playlists? SangCash delivers you to venues on a playlist and knows when and how to collect.
Laws are being passed but there's more to do.
We know progress has been made with the Songwriter Equity Act of 2006 and The Music Modernization Act of 2018 but we also know that there is much work to be done. Instead of just focusing on advocacy, we are solution oriented.
Devin Barker
On-Premise Featured Songwriter
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