We want our songwriters to share in the success of our solution!
No more lawsuits. No more not paying songwriters.
The Music Industry's Answer
A Web 3 Music Streaming platform that puts the power back in the hands of the creators.
Rod Stewart pens opinion piece in UK Times
Legendary Singer says musicians haven't been paid correctly since 1952.
Shortcomings of the Music Industry
  • Too Many Cooks
    The music industry is loaded with so many middlemen (or cooks), leaving the creators with, well crumbs.
  • Time
    The Performing Rights Organizations can take 9 months to payout royalties. We have things like venmo and direct deposit these days so why does it take so long?
  • Metadata
    This point has been highlighted ad nauseam but incorrect metadata continues to haunt the industry's ability to pay the right party.
  • Laws
    Copyright laws are super antiquated hampering innovation and creating complexities when trying to fix things.
  • Bad Actors
    Those with technology and money have used that power to exploit creators, not help them.
  • Fees
    Rising operational costs and administrative fees hurt payouts but rumor has it that CD packaging fees are still being charged so maybe we start there.
We've been following the music industry drama for 20 years.
We were there for Napster. Then Limewire. Section 115 YouTube. Spotify. Ticket fiascos. We know the music biz.
That's cool you are on a playlist but are you getting paid for it?
We know creators and digital service providers love to highlight talent on playlists. The question is, are you getting paid when you are those playlists? SangCash delivers you to venues on a playlist and knows when and how to collect.
We have the financial matching background.
We were there for the financial crisis of 2008 and know a thing or two about trade clearance and when this whole blockchain thing was started.
We are building on Polygon
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