A new ticketing company that uses Web3 that puts the artists and attendees first.

We make people happy
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Loyalty
    We provide event organizers with the tools necessary to strengthen their relationship with their fanbase.
  • Collectibles
    Give more than just an event. Offer lasting memories with concert footage.
  • Perks
    Use your collectibles for access to merch.
  • Security
    With block-chain backed ticketing, experience no counterfeits, only secure and transparent access.
  • Ceiling Pricing
  • Smart Contracts for Songwriters
Did you know that only 3% of ticket revenue from a live performance goes to the songwriters?
Meet Our Team
We all like music and are bringing our skill set to the industry to fix it.
  • Stephen
    Co-Founder & CSO

    Morgan Stanley Settlements and Wealth Management
    Sales @ VC backed Bonobos & Outdoor Voices
    Has attended over 1000 concerts
  • Bart
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Co-Founder @ TerraFarmin
    Launch House January '22 LA Cohort
    Techical Engineer @ Epic
  • Samantha
    Entertainment Partner @ Davis & Gilbert
    UCLA School of Law
    Focus on advertising, marketing and copyright law.
  • George
    VP at BMI
    Built Online Song Registration system at BMI
    30 years in Payment Processing Space

  • Cailin Hardell
    Entrepreneur + Founder Coach
    Founder Support- TechStars
    CoFounder - Segmed
  • Andrew
    Product Manager
    Ex-Kaiser Permanente
    Flatiron Software School
    Franklin & Marshall College
  • Nikki
    Social Media Manager
    NSAI Featured Songwriter
    Belmont Undergrad & MS MTSU
    Previously a SangCash Intern
  • Joshua Langthal
  • Andre Carruthers
  • Jiah Lee
  • Natalie

Rinse Fokkema
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