A new ticketing company that uses Web3 to put the artists and attendees first.

Did you know that only 3% of ticket revenue from a live performance goes to the songwriters?
NFT Collectibles
No need to pin your ticket to a bulletin board anymore.
Digital collectibles from your favorite shows that can be used for food, meet and greets or merch. And oh by the way, you can sell them and get the artist paid.
We use smart contracts in our collectibles to pay creators and enforce them by writing them on the blockchain.
Finally, a better way to do ticketing.
  • Loyalty
    We provide event organizers with the tools necessary to strengthen their relationship with their fanbase.
  • Collectibles
    Give more than just an event. Offer lasting memories with concert footage.
  • Perks
    Use your collectibles to redeem rewards such as discounts on food and beverage, merch or even gain access to meet and greets.
  • Security
    With block-chain backed ticketing, experience no counterfeits, only secure and transparent access.
  • Ceiling Pricing
    Our NFTs allow us to include price ceilings on our NFT tickets, meaning you won't have to take on a second or third job to afford a ticket to a show.
  • Smart Contracts for Songwriters
    We've built smart contracts into our NFTs so any time they are sold in the secondary market, the artist and/or songwriter receives a portion of the proceeds.

Rinse Fokkema
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